Evening Cruise Trip with Dinner and Music


This tour will take you to :

  • Metronom
  • Straka Academy
  • Dancing House
  • Sova's Mills
  • Vysehrad fortress
  • Convent of St. Agnes
Summer season
Prices and times are valid for the winter period which begins 01/11/2018
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About this activity

No pick up service
Not guided
Meeting PointDvorakovo embankment, pier no. 17 (next to Stefanikuv bridge)
Duration: 3.0 hours
Available languagesNot guided

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980.00 CZK882.00
Studentsup to 26
980.00 CZK882.00
Children 3-10 years
590.00 CZK531.00

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Departure and return

  • Meeting Point is Dvorakovo embankment, pier no. 17 (next to Stefanikuv bridge). Please arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes early. Latecomers will not be reimbursed.
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  • End of tour: Dvorakovo embankment, pier no. 17 (next to Stefanikuv bridge)
    The tour does not include the return to the hotel.
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Full description

If you are tired of walking around Prague with a guide and would like to spend a pleasant evening on board a restaurant boat with a chance to enjoy the view of the beautifully illuminated panorama of Prague, this evening cruise is suitable for you. During the cruise a buffet with a selection of hot and cold cosine and a bar with friendly staff and live music are available the entire time. Transport to the boat is provided by our bus from the centre of Prague. The cruise passes the Charles Bridge with the panoramic view of Prague Castle and the baroque churches of the Old and New Town. Our board assistant will be

present to welcome you and will answer your questions. You can choose your seats on the open upper deck or inside the lower salon heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer. This tour ends on the riverfront in the centre of Prague.

Evening Cruise Trip with Dinner and Music

Basic tour information

  • Shuttle bus transfer to the boat and 3-hour boat cruise on the Vltava River with a buffet dinner.
  • A welcome drink is included. Other drinks are not included in the cruise price.
  • You spend two 20-minute breaks in the Smíchov locks during your trip.


  • Did you know that the source of the Vltava River is located about 5.5 km from the village Kvilda in Šumava?
  • Did you know that on the Charles Bridge are 30 mostly baroque statues?
  • Did you know that of the many famous statues on Charles Bridge that most are from Matthias Bernard Braun and Ferdinand Maximillian Brokoff.

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Evening Cruise Trip with Dinner and Music

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