Contract Conditions of Carriage for Passenger Shipping City Moorings a.s.

  1. Persons entering a port facility or a ship are obliged to comply with the provisions of these Conditions of Contract of Carriage for the voyage when embarking, throughout their stay on the ship and when disembarking. They shall obey the instructions given by members of the crew in the interests of the safety of persons and navigation. The cruises are carried out exclusively on the CLASSIC RIVER. The operator reserves the right to change the vessel in case of operational needs.
  2. Passengers with a valid ticket are entitled to transport only if the is not fully occupied. The captain decides on the occupancy of the ship. The carriage of children under 6 years of age without a person over 15 years of age is prohibited. Persons who violate the Contractual Conditions of Carriage are obliged to leave the ship at the next stop, without refund of the fare already paid or penalty.
  3. Each passenger is required to carry a valid ticket during his/her stay on the ship and when leaving the ship's facilities ashore. At the request of the control authority or the ship's crew, he/she shall present it for inspection. A discounted or free fare passenger shall present a discount or free ticket with the ticket. The control authority shall be an employee of the carrier. A passenger without a valid ticket shall be obliged to pay the carrier a contractual penalty of five times the basic fare.
  4. The sailing route may be changed based on sailing conditions (high winds, high water, impassable lock, waterway defects). The change of the voyage is decided by the master of the vessel.
  5. Passengers are obliged to purchase a ticket at the latest when boarding the ship. The shipping tariff is posted on the company's website, at the wharves and at the company's sales stands, or at contractual partners. Passengers entitled to a discount or free carriage are obliged to show the cashier proof of this right and collect the ticket. In the case of chartering the entire vessel, the scope of services and the itinerary are always defined by a specific order.
  6. The transport of luggage, dogs and bicycles is possible according to the immediate operating conditions. It is forbidden to bring on board substances that could pollute the ship and the environment or cause damage or injury to other passengers. Carrying flammable substances, heating gases, explosives, pyrotechnics on board is strictly prohibited! Dogs may only be transported with a securely fitted muzzle and if kept on a short leash. Luggage weighing more than 50 kg is prohibited. Approval for the carriage of luggage, dogs and bicycles is the responsibility of the skipper.
  7. There is a no smoking policy in the interior of the . Passengers are only allowed on the parts of the deck and in the areas of the ship reserved for them. It is forbidden to enter the wheelhouse, engine room and service areas of the ship! Boarding and disembarking from the ship is only permitted through the crew-operated entrance. Persons who, despite being warned by the crew, violate this provision will be excluded from carriage.
  8. Each passenger is obliged to act in such a way as to avoid injury to the participants of the cruise, fire on the vessel. If passengers are injured, all participants are obliged to provide first aid. The vessel is equipped with a first aid kit and AED equipment. The skipper will make a record of any injuries and arrange for medical assistance to be summoned. In the event of a fire or other emergency, each cruise participant shall obey and follow the instructions of the crew. The vessel has a safety plan for emergency situations, which passengers are obliged to familiarise themselves with.
  9. Delay or failure to make a scheduled journey is not grounds for compensation. The passenger is entitled to a refund of the unused fare if he/she was unable to complete the journey for reasons attributable to the carrier and if it is not possible to use another service at the same time. The carrier shall not be liable for damage to passengers' luggage and personal belongings, indirect or consequential damage or loss of profit.

These Contract Conditions of Carriage for the voyage are published at the carrier's headquarters, on the ships and on the website:

Cancellation fees:

  • 24 hours or less before the start of the service 100% of the total price of the service