Czech beer


  • Did you know that Plzeň is the “cradle of beer” according to Lonely Planet?
  • Did you know that beer was already known in ancient Mesopotamia and is even mentioned in the Code of Hammurabi?
  • Did you know that Czech beer is the most consumed beverage in the Czech Republic?

Did you know that over 550 various kinds of beer are brewed in Czech Republic? Would you like to try the best of them and, at the same time, get a taste of history as well? 

The first brewery in what is now the Czech Republic was built in 993, in Břevnov Monastery. We have come a long way since then, and Czech beer is a now world famous. 
Try out some Czech beer to see if it really deserves such accolades. If you are interested in the brewing process, you can visit the “cradle of beer”, as Lonely Planet described the West Bohemian city of Plzeň. This is where the most famous Czech lager – Pilsner Urquell – originated.

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