Teplice - Royal Spa City


This tour will take you to :

  • Imperial Spa
  • Plague column
  • Theatre
  • St. Bartholomeus Church
  • Spa Lane
  • Spa Park

About this activity

Free pick-up at hotel
Expert live guide
Free boat trip in Prague as a gift
Meeting Point Na Příkopě 23, Praha 1
Duration: 11.0 hours 5.0 hours freetime
Available languagesČesky, English, Deutsch, Español, Pусский, Italiano, Français

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due to COVID-19

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990.00 CZK891.00
Studentsup to 26
990.00 CZK891.00
Children 3-10 years
750.00 CZK675.00

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Departure and return

  • Meeting Point is:
    Na Příkopě 23, Praha 1
    Please arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes in advance. Latecomers will not be reimbursed.
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  • If you chose to be picked up from your hotel, our staff will pick you up at the hotel's reception desk.
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Full description

Explore a beautiful town undiscovered by tourists at the German border, which is the oldest spa town in Central Europe. Teplice is a town of emperors and kings, a city with thousands of stories. During the tour, you will have a unique opportunity to see the remains of the first Christian martyr St. Clari from the 4th century who became the patron saint of the spa and the sacrament of marriage. You will enjoy a tour of the chateau rooms or the stunning café and the gallery in the pseudo-Romanesque church of St. Bartholomew (in summer season only). After the tour with a local guide, you will have time for lunch in one of the spa restaurants. It is up to you how to spend your afternoon in this picturesque spa town. You can choose either to spend your free time on your own or use the accompanying program recommended by a local guide. We offer a train ride around the town along the spa houses and parks up to the original Doubravka castle from the 15th century (in summer season only), where you can find a beautiful view of the area or visit Thermálium where you can bathe in 100% thermal water.

Teplice - Royal Spa City

Basic tour information

  • The tour is available in 6 world languages - English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and French.
  • The price includes a visit to the remains of St. Clari in the Temple of the Holy Cross Exaltation in Teplice, a tour of the chateau rooms of the Teplice Castle and a visit to the Church of St. Bartholomew
  • You can also purchase additional activities (if you want to visit the Thermálium, do not forget a swimwear)


  • Did you know that Teplice used to be called Little Paris or Salon of Europe?
  • Did you know that Saint Clari was tortured by being thrown into boiling oil because he married a slave with a slaveholder’s daughter?
  • Did you know that in Zámecké square you can find the Holy Trinity Plague Column, which is the tallest building created by the sculptor Matyáš Bernard Braun?
  • Did you know that Teplice was visited by many well-known personalities such as Ludwig van Beethoven or Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, but Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who had never visited Teplice, has the most important statue here?

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Teplice - Royal Spa City

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Teplice - Royal Spa City