This tour will take you to :

  • Neumarkt
  • Zwinger Gallery
  • Frauenkirche
  • Kreuzkirche
  • Royal Palace
  • Altmarkt

About this activity

No pick up service
Expert live guide
Meeting Point Na Příkopě 23, Praha 1
Duration: 11.0 hours 5.5 hours freetime
Available languagesEnglish, Deutch, Español, Italiano
Departures Thursday: 8:45

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Departure and return

  • Meeting Point is:
    Na Příkopě 23, Praha 1
    Please arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes in advance. Latecomers will not be reimbursed.
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  • End of tour: :
    Na Příkopě 23, Praha 1
    The tour does not include transfer to the hotel.
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Full description

Anyone who is interested in seeing the gorgeous scenery of České středohoří (Central Bohemian Uplands) and would also like to visit our neighboring country, can join us on a trip to the German city of Dresden. Dresden originated as a small fishing village, growing to become a spa and royal residence, to finally become the capital city of Saxony. The most important historical monuments are the Zwinger and Albertinum galleries, the Hofkirche and Frauenkirche churches and the Semperoper opera house. During World War II, the city suffered by a massive air raid that almost destroyed it entirely; however, it has been reconstructed and rebuilt.

Dresden - view of the Labe River

Dresden - view of the Labe River

Zwinger Gallery in Dresden

Zwinger Gallery in Dresden

Basic tour information

  • Don’t forget to take your passport with you!
  • The tour can be conducted in 4 languages - English, German, Spanish or Italian.


  • Did you know that because of its charm, Dresden is called Florence on the Elbe?
  • Did you know that the "firestorm" in 1945 killed 2,500 inhabitants and the city was razed to the ground?
  • Did you know that you can find a collection of art, porcelain and natural sciences in the Zwinger complex?

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Zwinger Gallery in Dresden
Dresden - view of the Labe River